Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Death Valley is one of the best places to ride in the world.....

Dry lakes racing.   Where else can you jump out onto a dry lake any day of the week and put old bikes to their limits.  This particular stretch is about 4 miles by 4 miles and about as smooth as glass.

The world coasting championships......kind of.    This particluar stretch of road is just past Panamint Springs when leaving Death Valley.  Imagine cutting off your ignition, then coasting for about 45 minutes.  Nothing but the sound of wind and tires.  Its way too much fun, a little dangerous, and a great way to save gas.  Hell, half of your riding is up hill, and the other half is downhill, so you almost do about 200 miles a tank.  Not bad for 3.5 gallon tanks and a linkert.   The best the bottom of the hill is Panamint Springs.  Coast in, have a couple of beers, then ride out.

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