Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1940 Daytona Winner

Babe Tancrede from Woonsocket, RI on a '39 WLDR

As it sits today....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For Sale: '47 Knucklehead Chopper it is.  It don't get much better than a period 60s/70s Knucklehead Chopper. 

Freshly rebuilt motor, OEM HD Springer stretched out to about 6 over.  We got it running last night for the first time in who knows how long.  

Nice and clean, with a 30-40 year old period paint job to boot.

It could be yours for $16,500! Give me a shout at

The Chout and the Skief

Our buddy Earl in Indiana turned us on to these two beauties.  Both owned by the same guy. 

The Chout

Chief motor in a scout frame.  Can't wait to get this thing running.

The Skief

Scout motor in the Chief chassis.  There is no doubt that the old fella cared more about going fast on the track than he did on the road.

All you need is 10 bucks!

And you can win this 1947 Knucklehead this coming November 2010.  Built right here in the Wheels Through Time Restoration shop by myself and my dad.  Painted by our good brother John Dills.  Check out to get your tickets!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Upcoming Projects....

A few months back, I started building a 1916 Harley Cutdown.  A chopper from the teens/twenties you might say.  Progress is coming along well.

Read about it in CycleSouce in my monthly "Fire and The Wheel" column.

Motor and Tranny work are done.  Heres the vision before we started cutting the frame.

The point of no return........

Strung out....I mean strung up.

Mocked up for the first time.  It sits low...about 3" ground clearance. Check out the difference between the frame from pic 1 to pic 4.

Upcoming Projects...

Found these dual carbi panheads at the Eustis,FL Swap last year.  Modified by one George Smith of S&S back in the 60s. 

A peek inside........Nice and smooth

And some big old huge valves.  The perfect heads to hit 140 at Maxton next year.

As real as it gets.....

The 1940 Hemi-head Crocker here at the museum.  Had it out on the road day of my life.  95mph / 15.25 seconds in the quarter.  The first real American superbike!